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English Video and Worksheet-An Original by ESL Fun Class


This movie worksheet set contains an original video, a cover page with the setting and characters, a transcript, a worksheet, and an answer key. Each video is between 2:30 and 3:00 in length, is appropriate for any age group, and has an “srt” file so you can turn the subtitles on or off. The transcript has numbered exchanges between the characters. The worksheet has 5 pictures to define, 5 multiple choice questions, 5 fill in the blank sentences, and 5 correct or incorrect statements. The answer sheet is on the last page.

Use Suggestions:

Print the worksheet. You can print all three student pages or just the worksheet. To save on printing costs, I suggest you only print the worksheet. You can project the cover page and the transcript if you wish.

Play the video for the first time with the subtitles on but without the worksheet, instructing students to jot down any words they don’t recognize. When the video is finished answer any questions students have about what they wrote down.

Next, hand out the worksheet. You can choose to hand out or display the transcript along with the worksheet, depending on whether you want your students to answer the questions from memory, or with some help.

Have students answer all of the questions then play the video again. Students can check their work as the video plays with the subtitles on.

When the video is finished, the teacher can read the correct answers so students can make any final corrections to their work.

Play the video one last time with the subtitles on or off so the students can watch with the correct understanding.

Notes and Tips:

The worksheet can be purchased separately, as a conversation activity.

Don’t forget to watch the movie trailer.

Be sure to download the worksheet preview and zoom in to see what you will be getting before you buy.

You must keep the video and “srt” file in the same place or the subtitles won’t work.

You can upload the video and worksheet to your platform for homework. Make sure your students both have and know how to use a PDF editing program or convert the document into a Google Doc, make boxes for the fill in the blank lines, and then share it with them.

The video worksheet sets are great to fill in extra time or to give to substitute teachers.

We use many of the same target words and phrases on all of the resources created for one topic. This is done intentionally to reinforce the basic vocabulary and grammar structures for each topic. Therefore, you can use our worksheets, board and card games, exams and other PowerPoint games and presentations as complementary activities for this video worksheet set.

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