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English Writing Safari Postcard Adventur

English Writing Safari Postcard Adventure

English Writing Safari Post Card Adventure-ESL Fun Class


     A Matching warm-up, an objective and description, the audience and purpose, structure and tips, a video link, comprehension questions, a writing puzzle, a sample mind map, an example mind map, a writing example, a practice mind map,  a dream practice, a practice writing exercise, a production mind map, a production dream practice, a production writing exercise, a grading rubric, an answer key, and suggested use instructions.

How to Use It: 

    The lessons are designed to be used during three hours of class time depending on student level, speed, and how much is assigned as homework.

     During the first hour of class, have students do the warmup exercises on page 2 and go over the introductory pages 3-8 with them.  Watch the video on page 8 to finish.  If you have extra time have students talk about a place they have traveled to. 

     During the second class hour, have students review by doing the puzzle on page 9.  Then go over the sample and example pages 10-12.  Next, have students complete the practice exercises on pages 13-15.

     During the third class hour, have students complete the final productive activities on pages 16-18.

     You can have students check their answers to the activities on pages 3, 8, and 9 or include them in your grade.  Use the grading rubric on page 19 to help you grade the written portion of the production postcard.

Notes and Tips:

     Be sure to download the worksheet preview and zoom in to see what you will be getting before you buy it.

     You can upload worksheets to your platform for distance learning or homework.  Make sure your students both have and know how to use a PDF editing program or convert the document into a Google Doc, make boxes for the fill in the blank lines, and then share it with them.

     The worksheets are also great to fill in extra time or to give to substitute teachers.

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