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Choose from writing the words in alphabetical order, circling the word that comes first in the alphabet, deciding what word is hidden, or use clues to unjumble the words or phrases.

Choose from a combo worksheet with grammar and vocabulary explanations plus exercises or a reading, conversation, writing worksheet.

Choose from a regular card game, tic-tac-toe/bingo card game, or a comic strip conversation card game.

Choose from a correct-incorrect exam, a fill-in-the-blanks exam, a matching exam, a multiple-choice exam, or a study sheet.

Choose from matching definitions to vocabulary, multiple choice questions, or writing answers to questions.

Choose from a conversation plus worksheet or an order the conversation card game.

Choose from a combo activity, read, discuss, write, or comic strip presentation or one of our fabulous interactive or animated games.

Choose from matching words, matching sentences, scrambled sentences, sentence finishers, sentence match-up, sentence shapes, or spelling challenge worksheets.

Choose from a crossword, decoder box, decoder ring, framework, magic, square, or wacky trails worksheet.

Choose eveything from finding words on a grid or use clues to write the words in a spiral puzzle.

Beach Things and Activities Spanish Lega


Computer Technology Spanish Conversation


Clothing Items Spanish Crossword Puzzle.


Have fun with our free English PDF printable game samples.  Just download, print, cut out a few pieces, and you're ready to play!

Download our free English PowerPoint Presentations.  Choose a game, comic strip, or grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, or conversation activity!

Choose from our numerous English PDF worksheets or download them all!  They come complete with vocabulary sentence prompts, a vocabulary list, and an answer key.

Accessing and downloading Articles and Resources:

     You must have a Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) account to view and download resources.

The Top Menu:

     1.  Ideas in English:

          a.  Click on the main menu button "Ideas in English" to go to the articles page and see all of the

               articles that are available.  You can also click on a photo in the slider at the top of the page, or an

               article in the drop-down menu to go to a specific article.

          b.  Once you choose an article that you would like to read, click on the resource photos to be taken to

               TPT for purchasing.

          c.  If you want a copy of the article, click on the "click to download full article" button at the bottom of

               the article.  This will take you to TPT, where you can download it for free.

     2.  Resources in English:

          a.  Click on the main menu button "Resources in English" to go to the resource page.  There, you can

               read short descriptions of the resource folders before selecting an individual folder. 

          b.  You can also scroll down our home page to see all of the resource folders.  Click on the title text

               or "view folder" button to go to an individual folder.  Click on a photo to go directly to the TPT

               folder for purchasing.  You can also choose a resource folder from the drop-down menu. 

          b.  If you click on the resource tab in the main menu you can then scroll down the page to look at

               the sample resource folders and their descriptions.

          c.  Once in an individual resource folder you can read about the resources in that folder.

          d.  Click on a folder's photo to be redirected to the TPT folder for purchasing. 

          e.  Paste the name of the resource type you want into the search box.

          f.   Choose from the 150 plus topics for that resource.

          g.  Be sure to download the preview and inspect it to make sure the resource is what you need.

          h.  Download the resource.  

The Free Resource Footer: 

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